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December is right around the corner and here at Punky Pins HQ we are getting so excited about Christmas! Sampling every festive sandwich we can and having our elves work away on your Black Friday and Christmas orders, it’s safe to say we are feeling pretty festive already. Truth be told, Christmas starts for us when we see the Coca-Cola advert!

In the spirit of all things Christmas, here are ten pins to help you get into the festive spirit:

Festive AF Penguin - Punky Pins

First up, we have what is proving to be a customer favourite this year and that is our ‘Festive AF Penguin’ pin. As part of our holiday collection this year, this little guy comes in two different shades. We have the ‘fiercely festive’ (pictured above) and a more subtle light pink version too. That means you and your BFF can rock them together!

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Christmas Brussel Sprout Lover - Hannah Hitchman

No Christmas dinner is complete without Brussel sprouts and we are in love with this adorable little pin from Hannah Hitchman. Proudly display your love of sprouts on Christmas Day or try to persuade some sprout haters out there. Either way, who could say no to something so cute?

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Meowstletoe - Dia Doodles

What would Christmas be without our lovable pets? Animal lovers will appreciate this perfect combination of all things Christmas and cats with this pin from Dia Doodles. If you come across somebody who doesn’t like it, well, would you really want to kiss somebody who doesn’t like cats? We didn’t think so!

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Better Be A Kitten - Punky Pins

Although we agree pets aren’t just for Christmas and should be loved all year round, we’re sure there are some lucky people out there who will be blessing their homes with felines during the festive period! Drop hints all year round with this pastel pin, which reads: ‘better be a kitten’.

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I Believe - Clara and Macy

The best thing about Christmas is how magical it can be for children. There’s no denying how heartwarming it is to see kids excited about getting a visit from Santa! We think this pin from Clara and Macy would be a perfect addition to your child’s stocking this year. It also works as a nice throwback for adults too. Overall, it’s fun, cute, Christmas-themed pin!

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Merry Christmas Bitches Jumper - Punky Pins

Struggling to find your perfect Christmas jumper this year? Call off the search party because we’ve got something even better! You can make any outfit festive with this sassy pin. Perfect for those who have multiple Christmas gatherings or office parties to go to this year. Or if you don’t feel like dressing up, simply wear this pin and be done with it!

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Let It Slow - Au Gold

Oh, the weather outside is frightful… Wouldn’t it be great to have a white Christmas again? Unfortunately, this seems to be wishful thinking here in the UK. Still, we love this pin and maybe wearing it would help? Probably not, but we think you’d look cute anyway!

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cocktails - Punky Pins

Another pin from our Christmas collection that’s perfect for office party season. Cocktails galore! We dare you to try to say the name of this pin without singing.

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Trivial Pursuit Pie Counter - Naomi Hope

One thing we love about this industry is how possibilities really are endless. There is a pin for everything; you think you’d seen it all, then another talented designer comes along with another creative design. This may be one of the quirkiest Christmas pins we’ve come across and for that reason, it just had to be included on this list.

Board games on Christmas day are an absolute must! Kudos to Naomi, this one really made us smile.

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Bah Humbug - Punky Pins

Last but not least, here’s another pin from this year’s Christmas collection. Not everyone enjoys Christmas as much as we do, and we wanted to include you guys too!

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