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If you hadn’t guessed by now, we are pretty excited about Christmas at Punky Pins HQ. Playing Christmas songs around the office, eating all of the festive treats, and watching a ton of Christmas specials - what’s not to love? We’re counting down the days until we can watch films such as Elf, A Muppet’s Christmas Carol, and of course, Home Alone! If like us, you love Home Alone, you’re in luck as we have a pin just for you! Not forgetting the fact that it’s also the season of cocktails, and again, we have a pin for this occasion too! Aren’t we prepared this year, eh?



Between launching our Christmas collection early this year and showing off our favourite Christmas pins, it’s safe to say that the festive season is definitely in full swing!

In addition to that, we’ve also launched our Christmas advent calendar now too. Check the website every day for a brand new deal! These deals will be an on the day type of thing, once they’re done… they really are done. Miss a day? Not to worry, we have a brand new spanking deal every day in December!

With all this going on, we thought we’d dedicate a post to all the reasons why pins make an excellent Christmas gift. Just in case you needed a little more persuading…

Pins make perfect stocking fillers

The thing we love most about pins is that they are the perfect addition to almost any gift or selection of gifts. Some people buy a few, some do stockings and gifts, whilst others have one main present and a few others. The great thing about pins is that they’re small, can be bought in bundles and are often found on offer during this time. They can make great additions to big presents, be a part of themed presents, or make up room elsewhere.


Whatever you plan is, we guarantee we have a pin for you at Punky Pins.

The designs are often quirky and unique

I think everyone can appreciate quirky gifts, tis the season for novelty items after all! Pins by default are always a pretty cool and different type of gift, even more so when you look at all the festive-themed stuff out there! In addition to Christmas launches, there will also be a number of collaborations and limited edition pieces up for grabs too.


You could end up snagging a gift only a select few in the world will own, how cool is that?

They’re also really personal too

Best of all, we think pins are a really personal gift. With so many quirky designs out there, the pins you choose are often relevant to your own personal interests. There’s no better feeling than receiving a pin that is so you from somebody you love, especially on Christmas Day. It shows they know you and that’s such a lovely, heartwarming feeling to experience any time of year.

So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping today! www.punkypins.co.uk


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