Alternative Bridesmaid Gifts

If your big day is anything but ordinary, why should your bridesmaid gifts be? At Punky Pins, we love seeing our pins, patches and stickers incorporated into weddings, from wedding favours to customised wedding jackets, it’s the perfect way to put your own stamp on the day. If you’re looking to treat your best gals to a gift on your wedding day, we’ve got some inspo for you! Forget tradition and give your bridesmaids a reminder of a day that’s totally ‘you’.

Bridesmaid Pin Badges

Pin badges are a great choice for any bride looking to give her girls some alternative gifts. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, they can attach their badges to a kick-ass leather or denim jacket when it gets cold, or even pin it onto their bag. With so many designs to choose from, you can tailor your pin badge picks to match each girl’s personality. Letting them know that you value their own independent fierceness while also ensuring everyone gets the same gift.

Our favourite bridesmaid pin badge ideas!

Holy Shit Enamel Pin
Beautiful Individual Enamel Pin
Love is Love Enamel Pin
Romantic as Fuck Enamel Pin
Yay For Today Enamel Pin

Bridesmaid Patches

At Punky Pins, we bloody love a good patch! If you want to give your bridesmaids a gift that they will definitely want to wear long after the wedding, an iron-on patch is a great choice. Your girls can attach the pins to their jackets or backpacks as a reminder of the day, plus, with plenty of cool AF designs to choose from you can find the perfect match for each one. Go for something sassy like our ‘Salty lil bitch’ patch or let your feminist flag fly with our ‘Grab them by the patriarchy’ patch that shows you’re still 100% hoes over bros. If you are going to be giving your girls patches for the big day, make sure they know how to iron on a patch beforehand!

Our favourite bridesmaid patches

Grab Them By The Patriarchy Embroidered Iron on Patch
Cute AF Juice Embroidered Iron on Patch
Salty Lil Bitch Heart Shaped Embroidered Iron on Patch
Eggo Woven Patch 

Alternative Bridesmaid Jewellery

If you want to give your girls something fun to wear on the big day AND beyond, we’ve got you covered. Forget the traditional hearts, flowers and initials, we’ve got standout jewellery that will look great on your squad. The key to giving great alternative bridesmaid gifts is to take their personality into account, if you’re all obsessed with cats or dinosaurs, let that flag fly and go for one of our amazing enamel necklaces!
Pastel Dinosaur Gang Acrylic Necklace
Mystical Cat Acrylic Necklace
It’s your big day, so make sure you do it your way and add some serious flair to your bridesmaid gifts. Why not make up little goodie bags for your girls with all of their favourite things in them? This way you can tailor each one for each bridesmaid and make sure they know just how much you appreciate them. A pin, a patch and a cheeky bottle of prosecco to enjoy before heading up the aisle? We’ve 100% on board!