Big News! Custom Pins are Here

We’ve got big news. Like, really big.

Our most frequently asked question is, “Will you make MY pins?” Well now, the answer is yes!

Having reached ~expert level~ in pin production, we’ve done some growing and perfected our methods, and we’re ready to share the love. Time to introduce our sister company: The Enamel Pin Factory.

If you’re an OG Punky Pins customer, you’ll already know we’ve been around since 2005 – and OMFG, have we been working hard. It aint easy finding the best enamel pin manufacturers and trustworthy contacts, but through blood, sweat and sparkly tears we’ve done it.

We’re really passionate about setting up THE enamel pin manufacturer you can trust with your designs, money and time. The process of making pins can be a hell of a ride when you don’t know what you’re doing, so we’ve set up the system we wish we’d had in place way back when we started – injecting our unique Punky Pins approach to excellent customer service into the entire Enamel Pin Factory process. The idea is that it’s super easy – got a design? Great! Tell the Enamel Pin Factory what you want made, upload your design for production, and oversee it all with a dedicated project management board.

From experience, we know that overseas manufacturing can throw up a lot of really valid questions about safety and ethics. Getting both right is super important to us, so The Enamel Pin Factory has a dedicated, audited factory with the highest standards and – importantly – no communication barrier.  

Even if you’re a novice, getting your custom pins made is going to be easy from now on. Over on The Enamel Pin Factory site there are loads of guides to help you get your designs ready, and choose the right colours, setting and finish. You’ll be getting the best advice, and the highest quality, from the makers we trust.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to make those bespoke pin dreams a reality!