Feel Good Pins!

We all wanna feel good, don't we? We're tapping into positive self talk with our newest pin drop!

The Happy range was designed with two goals in mind: brighten up a dark day, and grab that positive mental attitude wherever you go. We chose our favourite affirmations - ones that everyone can use to embrace a bit of optimism, clear headedness or calm - and coupled them with our brightest, happy colours, sent them on over to our clever friend Betty Turbo, and boom - the Happy range was born. 

We firmly believe in the philosophy of being kind to everyone you meet, safe in the knowledge that everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about... And we definitely believe in the power of being kind to yourself ✌️ Happy pins are a subtle little something you can have around, a reminder to be kind to yourself and take a minute to find the balance, wherever and whenever you need it. 

Our lovely friend, mental health warrior and artist Kayley Mills stands for positivity and radiating good vibes - who better to try them out? She styled hers up with her raddest feel-good pins on a Skinnydip rainbow bag and we love it! 😍 Kayley's on a mission to make the world a better place and honestly, we think the Happy pins are gonna help her along the way. 

Paige Joanna served us up a feel-good outfit to go with her Happy pins - we think a pink biker jacket x Happy collection is a match made in heaven. We've heard a lot recently about the power of getting dressed to elevate your mood, alleviate anxiety and improve self image; wearing something that makes you feel your 'true' self, or makes you feel good, can make all difference. That's what our Happy pins are about - a PMA takeaway... and they look cute too 😊

Find your Happy pins here, and don't forget to share your looks with us on Insta using #punkypins!