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Collecting pins has always been a popular trend, and to our delight, in recent years it has definitely become more mainstream. Thanks to this rising trend, we’ve seen an increase of fantastic pins out there ranging from inventive tv crossovers, an endless supply of sassy catchphrases, to even more cat-related pins (yay!). We’ve also been pretty busy ourselves; in case you missed it, we recently launched this year’s Christmas collection. They’re proving popular already, get yours quick!

Whether you’re running out of space, looking for fresh ideas, or just want to know where to start, here’s 3 cool ways to show off your pins.

Via: @hellaholics

Keep it classic and decorate your jacket

The great thing about pins is that they can completely bring an old item of clothing back to life, even if the jacket has seen better days. Can’t get the fading to stop? Stick a pin on it! Is there a button missing? Stick a pin on it! Is there a tear? Stick a pin on it! You can’t go wrong.

Our pins are most commonly found on leather or denim jackets:

Via: @imagical_emmielou

That’s not to say they have to exclusively stay on that kind of jackets though, we have some pretty creative customers out there who rock their accessories on thick, winter coats too for example.

Via: @cattitudeandco

Pockets, collars, on your shoulder, the possibilities are endless!

Rock your pins on any item of clothing

Who says you have to stick to just outerwear? Why stop there! Any item of clothing can be made cuter with the right pin. If you thought the accessorising possibilities with jackets was exciting, there’s even more than can be done with clothes.

Pins are a great way of brightening up a dull jumper or making bright ones pop. Bonus points if they feature a theme. We’re a big fan of seeing sassy phrases styled on everyday clothes too. For example, you normally see patches on jean pockets. Wouldn’t it be cool to see a statement pin there too? 

You can go all out or just keep it simple like this customer did. We personally love the statement pin featured on a dungaree, it’s definitely a look we’re going to experiment with.

Via: @sarahneerg

For extra cuteness, you could style two matching pins on the collars of your shirt too.  

However, if you wanted something more unique, you could also try a featuring a couple of pins on the bottom of your dress or skirt. We love this idea from @giirlonfiilm.

Via: @giirlonfiilm

Accessorise elsewhere!

Out of clothing? Never fear, there are tons of other things you can accessorise out there too. One of the most popular being bags! Styling pins on your bag is a great way to show off your flair and personality.

Via: @kittydeadbones

The fun doesn’t have to stop at backpacks either, there’s a whole range of bags out there you can play with. We personally love how pins look on clutch bags, they’re perfect for making a statement at a party.

Via: @prettyfunkyknitter

Other places we think pins look cool are the holes on your belts, hats, guitar straps, where buttons should be, shoes, and of course, on display via cork boards.

What’s your favourite way to display your favourites from Punky Pins, let us know in the comments section.