How To Decorate a Backpack

We all know the real reason why backpacks are back in a BIG way, don’t we? It’s cause you get to cover them with all of your favourite flair and create something that’s 100% you!

At Punky Pins, we have tons of cool stuff for you to cover your backpack with, from pin badges to iron on patches. If you don’t know where to start or your’re looking for some style inspo from the Punky Pins gang, here’s our top tips for personalising and decorating your backpack.

Pin Badges

Now, we don’t know if you’ve realised yet but WE LOVE PINS. Pin badges were made for backpacks and whether you want to create a pick ‘n’ mix of all of your favourite things or you want to create a theme with your pin badges, we got you covered.

The main thing to remember when decorating your backpack with pin badges is that your bag is at risk of getting bumped and dropped. Make sure any pin badges or buttons that you add to your bag are properly secured so you don’t come home one day and realise you’re missing your favourite!

If you do fancy sticking with a theme, why not take a look at our feminist pins collection to add some serious girl power to your pack? With our favourite strong women slogans and even feminist cats, it’s a great choice if you’re looking to pack a punch along with your text books. If we got your attention with ‘cats’, then we think we might know what you want to add to your bag. Our cats collection is full of your favourite felines, plus, we have our exclusive Hello Kitty and Pusheen sections to feed your proud cat lady needs.

Iron on Patches

You’ve got your pin badges in place, but how about making a more permanent mark on your favourite backpack? Our iron on patches are a great way to add some colour and sass to your bag, with a range of quirky designs to choose from.

Psst! If you want to know how to iron on patches, check out our step by step guide!

Patches look great on rucksacks and if you follow our guide properly, they will stay securely in place until you want to remove them. Our patches come in a wide range of designs including our favourite Hello Kitty patches and plenty of food related iron on patches to keep you going when you get hangry.

Place iron on patches on a section of the backpack that will remain flat, the front pocket is a great option for a patch, as are the straps. You want to make sure your patch stays on for as long as you want it to, so take care and in the immortal words of Ru Paul - ‘Don’t f*ck it up!’


You’ve covered your backpack with patches and stickers and you’re running out of space….so what else can you add to make it truly ‘yours’? Keyrings!

If your backpack has zip fastenings, or multiple zips, you can start adding your own flair by attaching your favourite keyrings to them. From feminist keyrings to cute cat keyrings, we have everything you need to express yourself. You can even go for a practical touch by attaching a trolley token keyring to your back so you’re never caught short at the supermarket again!

With keyrings, we advise spreading them out where ever you have zips, you don’t want to drag down one side of the bag or run the risk of breaking the zip if too many are added at once!

For serious style inspo and ways to wear your favourite Punky Pins products, check out our Instagram page or read our latest blog posts for tips from the experts!