Iron On Patches For Jeans

Ever feel like you live in your favourite jeans? If your denim is your second skin, we know how you feel! At Punky Pins, we’re all self-confessed denim addicts and we’re always looking for the best ways to customise our jeans. From mom-jeans to our everyday saviour ‘skinnies’, one of the easiest ways to create unique denim is through iron-on patches

Whether you want to throw on all of your favourite patch designs, or go for some subtle placements, you can transform your favourite denim in no time at all. 

Choosing your patches

This is the fun part! At Punky Pins, we’ve got a wide range of cool AF designs that are just waiting to be shown off on your clothing. We bloody love a theme (who doesn’t?) and one of the best ways to start your design is by collecting patches that complement each other. From feminism to cats and even mermaids, you can create a pair of themed patch jeans by placing these patches on your denim. 

The placement of your patches is also key. Some of the most popular places to iron on patches to jeans include the back pockets, the knees and across the thighs. There’s nothing sassier than a kick-ass slogan patch displayed proudly across the back of your jeans, whether you’re sending a very clear message like our ‘Wow, you f*cking suck’ patch or going cute but savage with our adorable ‘salty lil b*tch’ design. 

Of course, there are no rules when it comes to creating your own unique patch design. If you want to go wild and place patches all over the back and front of your jeans, go for it! We got plenty of designs to keep your going. 

What do you need to iron on a patch?

  • A pair of jeans
  • Your chosen patches
  • An ironing board
  • An iron
  • A Tea towel

How to iron-on a patch to jeans

Once you’ve got your patches and all the equipment you need, it’s time to start customising those jeans!

  1. First things first; lay the jeans on the ironing board and make sure that they are completely flat against the hard surface. 
  2. Place the patches on the jeans where you want to attach them, ensuring that the adhesive side is flat against the denim. Take your time here! Placement is key, so be 100% certain this is where you want to attach the patch before ironing it.
  3. Heat the iron to it’s highest setting and make sure the steam setting is ‘off’.
  4. Place the tea towel over the patch, taking care not to disturb the placement as you do so. 
  5. Carefully pick up the iron and press it down on the patch, hold it there for around 15 seconds and apply pressure.
  6. Lift up the iron and wait a few seconds for the patch to cool. 
  7. Check that the patch is attached by lifting the tea towel and gently rubbing the edge of the patch with your finger. If it lifts up - replace the tea towel and press it again for a further 10 seconds. 
  8. Once you’re confident that the patch is attached to the denim, you’re ready to rock your new denim flair!
  9. For extra security, you can always sew around the edges of the patch to ensure it stays fixed for a long time. 

There you have it! The road to totally unique jeans is quick and easy, the only barrier is choosing exactly which patches you’re going to choose. Don’t forget to show off your own personalised denim by tagging us in your Insta pics @PunkyPins