Written by claire whaite
07 Mar 2017
Let’s Appreciate #TheGirlGang

Girls are stronger when we stick together and support each other, so the Girl Gang and awesome girls everywhere, have a special place in our hearts here at Punky Pins.

The Girl Gang started online, a spontaneous movement of Bloggers with similar views and interests. Twitter brought them together, with bloggers using #thegirlgang and #girlgang hashtags to share stories, send each other love and support and just be generally awesome.

Until Jemma, who blogs under the name Dorkface, launched a new Twitter account (@TheGirlGang) to bring the group together for weekly Twitter chats, which anyone can join who uses #thegirlgang hashtag every Monday at 6 pm GMT. Another blogger, Sophie, who blogs under the name Milk Pop, helps Jemma run the Girl Gang account. Sarah, an English graduate and clearly a book lover, now runs a Girl Gang book club (@theggbookclub).

There are so many things we love about what these women - and all the bloggers in the community - do, so we thought we’d share them:

#1: Support one another

Blogging started as a cool way to share things that people love. To take pictures of cute clothes, makeup, share thoughts about fashion, jewellery, movies, and more serious topics too, like feminism, politics, racism and women’s rights.

Blogging gives women, usually young women, a voice, a platform and a community. Some amazing bloggers have been able to make it a full-time job. But that isn’t for everyone. Unfortunately, this means some “big” bloggers and vloggers are more concerned about audience size, advertising and promoting brands.

Not everyone can or should do that, so thanks to The Girl Gang, everyone who wants to join in can feel part of a supportive community.

#2: Give each other a wider audience

Now, not everyone wants a huge audience, but most bloggers love to know what they are creating is touching more people’s lives. Bloggers create some cool shit!

Cool articles on dating, love, sex, fashion, makeup, holidays, food, feminism, body confidence and mental health are published every day, along with millions of pictures on Instagram and thousands of YouTube videos. Not to mention more snapchat and Instagram stories than we can count. The Girl Gang spots and shares as much of this cool content as they can, making sure bloggers and vloggers can reach a wider audience.

#3: Have a laugh

Who doesn't appreciate a good Meme?! Twitter is a fantastic place to find memes and GIFS to make you laugh and think. The Girl Gang spot and share some awesome ones, especially during Twitter chats and when jumping into conversations with sub-tweets.

#4: Recommend some awesome books

Looking for something new to read? Head over to the Girl Gang book club (@theggbookclub). They read a new book every month; the most recent was Sharp Objects by Gillan Flynn. Anyone can join in Twitter chats using the #GGbookclub hashtag. You can join The Girl Gang here.

Inspired by The Girl Gang and awesome women everywhere, we’ve created these pins and accessories that are pretty popular: