Phew... we've been busy!

Thanks to a bit of a growth spurt, we’ve moved premises to a brand new HQ with sparkling desks, fluffy new carpets and loads of room for activities.

If you follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook you might have spotted that we’ve been in the midst of a total relocation from our old workspace in Teesside to one not far up the road, but 3 times the size. It felt like we’d never be able to fill it up, but we’re big fans of stationery here at Punky Pins HQ and honestly, it seems to be multiplying…

With our new space came new opportunities – we’ve expanded our team! We’re delighted to welcome newbies in our marketing and admin teams to keep up with the growth of the Punky Pins brand. We thought you might like a sneak peek at the new space so you can see where the magic happens. Moving aint pretty, but we like to keep it real 😜

From left to right: The unpacking feels like it's never gonna end / Pro Choice Pro Feminism Pro Cats pins get settled in their new home / Sorting, putting away and labelling patches for what felt like foreverrrr / The first batch of post from our new HQ ready to be shipped!

Seemingly endless unpacking Pro Choice Pro Feminism Pro Cats pins being unpacked Patches being put away in their new home  First batch of post ready for collection!

Now that we’re in, we’re gonna be concentrating on some awesome new product launches coming very soon. If you thought our last Hello Kitty drop was major, definitely keep your eyes peeled for what’s coming in the next few weeks. We’ve also been working on a new Feminist line with one of our faves, Betty Turbo, that we’re super proud of and can’t wait for you nasty women to see!

In the meantime, you can stay up to date with everything we’re up to over on our social channels but before we go, we wanna know your thoughts – what would you like to see? There’ll be the usual #WinThePin, offers and sass but now we’ve got lots of space to play, we’re thinking of making you guys some How To videos, giving you a virtual tour, and showing off some potential designs. Maybe you'd like to meet the makers, or see our Spotify playlists? What do you think?

Let us know in the comments below.

Much love,

Punky Pins team xxx