YES! We are so excited to have Halloween fast approaching us! Not only does it mean pumpkins, lots of sweets and dressing up, it also means that some of our favourite fellow pin makers create some kick-ass pins. We are reeling off our top 10 favourite Halloween pins of the moment!

- - - - - - - -

1. Us. Obviously. Because who doesn't love a ghost that glows in the dark?.
BUY HERE: Punky Pins - £6.00
Glow In The Dark Ghost Enamel Pin

2. We're not so scared of this Frankenstein pin because he's so cute!
BUY HERE: Elorasaurus - £7.93
Elorasaurus Frankenstein

3. There's nothing better than a pumpkin covered in slime, right?
BUY HERE: Magic Circle - £8.59
Magic Circle Slime Pumpkin Pin

4. Freddie and Jason never looked so purrrrfect!
BUY HERE: Blended Pins - $15.00
Blended Pins Halloween Cat Duo Pins

5. Yeah we're totally fine. Mhmm. 100% fine.
BUY HERE: Girly Pop - £10.13
Girly Pop I'm Fine Pin

6. We would love to whip up some magic potions to use on certain people!
BUY HERE: Wink Pins - £10.13
Wink Pins Magic Potion Pin

7. This pretty lady glows in the dark - we wish we did!
BUY HERE: Cult Fiction Press - $12.00
Cult Fiction Press Pretty Creepy Pin

8. A total mix of our favourite TV show and film? AMAZING!
BUY HERE: Move In Silence - $10.00
Made In Silence Home x Skellington Pin

9. Oh honey, you can look but don't touch!
BUY HERE: Cosmic Mermaid Pins - €10.00
Cosmic Mermaid Pin

10. Last, but not least, this little dude because you gotta creep it real!
BUY HERE: Miss Kitty's Curious - £10.00
Miss Kitty's Curious Ghost