Top 10 Favourite Pins of 2016

Top 10 Favourite Pins of 2016

I don’t know about you, but doesn't 2016 already feel like ages ago? What a year. So many ups and downs, but so many good moments too. Here at Punky Pins, we had a busy year, so before we dive into launching some amazing new pins and accessories, we wanted to look back at our top picks of 2016.

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#1: Stranger Things Collection

After only one season, Stranger Things has taken Netflix and the internet by storm. We can’t wait for season two, starting later this year. Loads of you love the show, which is why Stranger Things inspired four of our most popular pins in 2016.

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#2: Khaleesi

Strong women rule! And in Game of Thrones, the ultimate girlboss, Daenerys Targaryen could soon rule the Seven Kingdoms, when the Khaleesi lands her army and dragons on the shores where she was born next season. We can’t wait!

In this pin, we were inspired by what she said to Missandei in season three: “All men must die, but we are not men.”

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#3: The Shining Twins

Some characters are memorable by just how creepy they are, like the twins in The Shining. One of our favourite pins of 2016.

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#4: The Book Was Better

There’s nothing like curling up with a cup of tea and a good book. Some of us in the office would do that every day. But, ya know, work and stuff.

This popular pin is for everyone who has seen a movie or TV show and thought, that was great, but the book was so much better.

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#5: Death Head Moth

Another cult horror classic, Hannibal Lecter inspired this pin, a Death Head Moth, from The Silence of the Lambs. The killer left these sinister looking moths on the bodies of his victims, as his signature calling card.

In real life, they aren't that sinister - these little moths actually make a cute squeaking noise to scare hungry predators.

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#6: Cuterus

So, we know periods aren't fun, but what’s more cuterus than your uterus? Nothing, that’s what. We totally love this pin, and loads of our awesome customers do too.

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#7: We are the weirdos, Mister


Cold dark nights are the best time to snuggle up and watch a horror movie, providing there’s a pillow or light switch near by! Cult classic, The Craft, is loved all over the interwebs, so we brought out a pin to celebrate this. No need to tell those magical girls to watch out for weirdos.

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#8: Pro Choice, Pro Feminism, Cats Pro

Did we mention that we love cats? We are also strong supporters of empowering women, which is why we had this awesome pin designed, exclusively in collaboration with Betty Turbo.

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#9: Wednesday Addams

There are days when all of us can feel like Wednesday Addams. Wear black. Get your resting bitch face game on. Get outside and drag yourself through the day. Yes, we can all try, but Wednesday Addams is still master of the trend she set back in 1991. Clearly, loads of you love her vibe.

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#10: Mystical Cat

Our #1 enamel pin of 2016: Mystical Cat. And why ever not; who doesn't love cats, after all? Heaps of you got yourselves an awesome mystical cat to decorate clothes and bags last year, to carry a little bit of magic around with them every day.

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