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  • Only 7% of people planning a romantic Valentines Day
  • 20% give up on Valentine’s Day gifts
  • 70% of people see Valentine’s Day as a marketing tactic
  • Galentine’s Day on the rise as we celebrate female friendship

  • Our recent survey has revealed that Valentine’s Day has lost its popularity amongst loved up couples, with many stating they don’t bother with presents or date night and even spend the occasion with their friends as opposed to their other half.

    Valentine’s has long been an annual celebration, dating back hundreds of years. But it seems that many of us have now fallen out of love with the event, with couples opting to forego romantic plans and disregarding the day altogether. Our recent survey has revealed that many people don’t bother celebrating Valentine’s day at all and only 7% of respondents stated that they are planning a romantic night out. 9% of those who took part in the survey even said that they would be making plans with friends as opposed to their other half. Those who did say they would be planning something for Valentines said that their ideal date would be a trip to the cinema.

    The survey also asked respondents about their shopping habits when it comes to Valentine’s day and found that the majority would be buying a gift for their partner, but nothing extravagant and 20% stated that they don’t bother with gifts at all. It seems that the trend of treating your other half to an extravagant gift is falling by the wayside, with only 3% saying that they would purchase an expensive gift for their partner. It also appears that many of us are choosing to buy gifts for our friends too. 7% of respondents stated that they would be purchasing a gift for their friends on Valentine’s. 'Treat yourself' is also becoming much more common, with a number of people saying they will be buying something for themselves for Feb 14th.

    The survey also revealed that many of us think Valentine’s day isn’t important and over 70% think Valentine’s is just a marketing tactic as opposed to a day that should be celebrated. The history of Valentine’s is also a bit of a mystery amongst many, with around 40% of respondents stating that they don’t know the history of the date or how it came about. Instead, many are choosing to celebrate Galentine’s day instead, a concept invented by the character Leslie Knope in the American sitcom, Parks and Recreation. The day has transcended from the TV show, in which Leslie chose to throw a party for her female friends on February 13th and celebrate the ladies in her life. Galentine’s day is becoming more and more popular, as more emphasis is put on females supporting each other and their ‘girl squad’. 30% of respondents in the survey said they would be celebrating Galentine’s day, showing that more of us consider our female friendships much more important than making plans for Valentine’s day.

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