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Creating cute AF, witty, kick-ass pins, patches & accessories, Punky Pins are a bunch of creative geeks just loving what we do. Founded in 2005 by myself, Claire Whaite, using a kids badge machine in my spare room, this business thing has turned into an incredible life changing adventure! I am so lucky to say that I am literally living the dream, (despite that some days it doesn't feel like it). I love what I do and I am forever in debt to you, our amazing customers, for allowing my dream to come true. Without you awesome lot, we would not be where we are today. So a big thanks to YOU!

Along the way, I have taken on some awesome guys and gals, and worked with some amazing and inspiring artists. Based in the North East UK, each pin has been through the painstaking design process right here in our studio, starting literally over cake and sketches most of the time. We put our heart and soul into not only giving you the best customer service, LIKE ever, but also producing some pretty rad designs. All your orders are picked, packed and checked by hand before dispatch to make sure it's perfect. When your order arrives, you will now know a little bit about the blood, sweat and tears that goes into making your purchase so special:) Enjoy!

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